The Hiring Factor You May Not Know About

Getting your first job interview hinges on how great you look on paper. Getting a job offer depends on so much more than that. You can have the best credentials in the world, but there is a hiring factor you have to pass in order for certain companies to seriously consider hiring you.

When companies making a hiring decision, current employees analyze the candidate by asking each other interesting questions that allow the decision-makers to evaluate your likeability and how well you mesh with a company’s culture.

So, how can you show off how personable you are during your interview? Check out our tips below:

Treat everyone as if they have equal weight in the decision-making process. Be kind and professional towards anyone and everyone you encounter during your interview – from the receptionist who checks you in at the front desk to the employees you pass by in the hallway. Prove yourself to be the type of person who treats everyone with respect and who is comfortable interacting with new people.

Get to know your interviewer by asking a lot of questions. It’s no secret that people love talking about themselves. Ask your interviewer questions about why he or she chose to work for the company. Ask about the skills he or she has learned on the job. It will not only help you determine how much your interviewer values the company, but it will also be a great way of connecting with your interviewer right off the bat.

Smile! Positivity is infectious…and absolutely essential in the workplace. Important projects coupled with demanding deadlines can cause office tensions to run high. Your interviewer wants to hire the type of person who can have a positive outlook even during those difficult times at work, so the more you show off your pleasant personality, the more you’ll prove yourself to be a beneficial influence on the company culture.

So, as you’re preparing for your interview, make sure to practice showing off your great personality. The next time employers are thinking about who they would choose to spend a layover with, we want them to pick you!

November 24, 2017

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